Exotic Metal Welding

Thanks to many years of gathering data, we have established high-precision welding technology for exotic metals such as titanium, nickel, zirconium and tantalum. We have earned a particularly high level of trust among customers in Japan and around the world for the welding of titanium, which we have been doing since 1962. Using the latest equipment, we are able to offer high-precision welding of metals 0.1 mm to 100 mm thick.

TIG Welding

YAG Laser Welding

Automatic Pipe Welding

NC Lathe

Water Jet Cutter

Equipment list

Facility Name Manufacturer Quantity Ability
Tig Welding Machine DAIHEN 9set 300A
Tig Welding Machine Panasonic 1set 300A
Tig Welding Machine DAIHEN 2set 500A
Plasma Welding Machine NS Welding 1set 500A
Automatic pipe welding machine POLYSOUDE 1set Piping size 12mm-65mm
Fully automatic spot welder DAIHEN 1set 150KVA
YAG Laser Welding Machine Nippon Welding 1set 500W
YAG Laser Welding Machine Techno coat 1set 150W
NC lathe DMG MORI 5set Cutting Thickness for 250mm
Human collaborative robot Universal Robots 1set Payload 10 kg
Water jet cutting machine SUGINO-MACHINE 1set Cutting range 1000mmx2000mm
5 axis water jet cutting machine SUGINO-MACHINE 1set Cutting range 2000mmx4000mm
Plasma cutting machine DAIHEN 1set Maximum cutting thickness 40 mm
Pipe cutting machine Orbitalm 1set Maximum outer diameter Φ168.3mm
Band saw machine NICOTEC 1set Maximum cutting size Φ480
Band saw machine AMADA 1set Maximum cutting size Φ250
Vertical chilled band saw machine AMADA 1set Maximum cutting size Φ325
Crane Nippon-Hoist 4set 2.8t