Quality and Experience

We provide WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications) and PQR (Procedure Qualification Records) on our past achievements in accordance with JIS so that our customers can use our technology with confidence. We have a solid track record in work and technical guidance in other countries as well and have earned great trust among customers in Japan and around the world.

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NO Base Metal Joints Materials Size(Thickness) Machine Examination Non Destructive Inspection Other Inspection
Plate Pipe Pulling Bending Burst PT RT Macro Micro Shock wave
1 SUS310ELC Joint fitting t6
2 TTP480 Joint fitting t5x40A
3 TTP480 Joint fitting t5x40A
4 TTP480 Joint fitting t12x125A
5 NAS254N Joint fitting t8
6 TTP340 Joint fitting t8x150A
7 SUS304 Joint fitting t3x80A
8 TTP340 Branch fitting t3x200A
9 TTP340 Branch fitting t3x50A
10 TTP340 Branch fitting t3x25A
11 TP340 Fillet fitting 3.5(throat)
12 TP340 Fillet fitting 7(throat)
13 TP340 Fillet fitting 11(throat)
14 Ni201 Branch fitting t3x250A
15 Ni201 Branch fitting 50A
16 Ni201 Branch fitting sch40x25A3.5(throat)
17 Ni201 Fillet fitting 7(throat)
18 Ni201 Fillet fitting 11(throat)
19 Ni201 Fillet fitting t8
20 HC-22 Joint fitting t8
21 HC-276 Joint fitting t8
22 HB-2 Joint fitting t8
23 INCONEL600 Joint fitting t8
24 INCLNEL625 Joint fitting t8
25 NAS64N Joint fitting t8
26 NAS185N(254SMO) Joint fitting t8
27 INOCLOY800H Joint fitting t8
28 INCOLOY825 Joint fitting t8
29 ALLOY20Cb3 Joint fitting t8
30 INCONEL601 Joint fitting t8
31 MONEL400 Joint fitting t8
32 MONEL400/SUS304 Joint fitting t8
33 C1100P/SS400 Joint fitting t9
34 SUS304/SS400 Joint fitting t9
35 SUS304/SUS304 Joint fitting t10


In everything we do, we always aim to vigorously pursue the creation of new value that exceeds customer expectations, the establishment of a corporate culture that encourages pride and confidence in our work and the improvement of our world-class technology in order to become a company that benefits society.

Type of qualification number of holders
Nomal Boiler Welder (Japan Boiler Association certificate) 1
Special Boiler Welder (Japan Boiler Association certificate) 1
JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards )TN-F (Stainless steel TIG Welding) 28
JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards )TN-V (Stainless steel TIG Welding) 2
JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards ) TN-P (Stainless steel pipe TIG Welding) 8
JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards )RT-F (Titanium Welding) 18
JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards )RT-P (Titanium Welding) 5
Nondestructive Testing Engineer (Solvent removal penetrant inspection level 2) 4