Basic Philosophy

In everything we do, we always aim to vigorously pursue the creation of new value that exceeds customer expectations, the establishment of a corporate culture that encourages pride and confidence in our work and the improvement of our world-class technology in order to become a company that benefits society.

Company Profile

Address 39-101,otake-cho,Nobeoka-city,Miyazaki,882-0024 JAPAN
Paid-in Capital \10,000,000
President Kazuma Moriyama
Number of Employees 35 people
Established June,1945
TEL +81-982-33-3636
FAX +81-0982-33-3689



1945 Establishment of a business in Miyazaki JAPAN
1959 Start a business in Shizuoka JAPAN
1962 The welding of titanium is started for ASAHIKASEI
1965 We made it to the corporation.
1973 The headquarters is moved to Nobeoka.
1985 Purchased an automatic pipe welding machine from ARC MACHINES
1997 Order of the titanium plumbing from FORMOSA PLASTIC.
2004 Purchased an arm-type TIG welding robots from YASUKAWA ELECTRIC
2005 Purchased a Plasma welding machine from DAIHEN
2007 Purchased a Abrasive jet cutter from SUGINO-MACHINE
2008 Purchased an arm-type TIG welding robots from DAIHEN
2009 Purchased YAG Laser Welding machine from Nippon Welding
2010 Purchased a Full Digital Plasma welding machine from NS welding
2017 Construction of the third factory
2019 Construction of new office